Talking Kodsmuts at DrupalCamp

As I’ve been writing in an earlier blog-post I’ve decided to start doing some talking. This Friday I held my first session. I was invited to talk about Kodsmuts by the people organizing DrupalCamp in Stockholm. I did inform them that I was no longer working actively with Drupal but they were all like; we don’t care. So I agreed.

Last year I visited DrupalCamp together with a couple of colleagues. The tech sessions were all held in a pretty small room were you could squeeze in about 30 people or so. It looked kind of like a classroom. At least that’s how I remember it. I thought it was going to be something similar this year so guess my surprise when I walked into the Awave room, where I was going to hold my session, and it turns out that it’s a room capable of holding around 300 people. I was super-excited!

Me with slide of Kodsmuts at DrupalCamp
Me in the very beginning of my talk fiddling with the mic
(Photo by @wibron)

As for the conference it was a good one. I even got a little bit excited about the promises of Drupal 8. Especially after listening to Tobias talking about Symfony and Morten Dk talk about Twig templates. But these things are all in version 8 so I guess I need to wait with being too excited till the end of this year or so.

My session was the last one of the day. I was hoping for everyone not to be asleep and that they would grasp some of the message. Being on stage was an awful lot of fun. I mean just the thought of being able to stand in front of all these people and you know that they will listen to you, more or less, for at least half an hour. So cool!

The main focus of my talk was what kodsmuts is, common problems and how and why it’s important to keep your website as clean as possible. If you’ve been reading this blog before you know that it’s all about being nice to the Internet. Talk went well and I even got a lot of positive feedback from people I’d never met before. I wish I could link to a video or something but unfortunately there were no live streaming or audio recording that I know of. But hey, if you want me to talk about kodsmuts again I’m all up for it. Just let me know!

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