Why I need to do this

I start this “blog-thing” out of frustration. I’ll explain. I’m working with web. Everyday I’m trying to make something that goes out on the internet better. I might not always succeed but I always try my best. I think that’s important to remember. I do this because I love the internet. I think it’s fantastic and I think people should be nice to it. (That’s by the way the subtitle of this blog – “One should be nice to the internet”).

At work and outside I come across things that’s done by other web developers and designers. Some things are new and some old. Because of my work I’m a bit damaged. I can’t help but analyze any new web-thing that I come across. I check the source to see the structure of the markup, I look at the use of colors, the type for the text etc. I come across a lot of things that could’ve been done soo much better. This is frustrating. I use to rant about these frustrating things to my friends. They listen patiently most of the times but to be honest my ranting doesn’t help the internet.

To do at least something I started tweeting about my findings using the hashtag #kodsmuts. The word is kind of swedish (just like me) and I would translate it to something like “dirtyfied code”. Do a search and you will find some mixed things of various quality. But to be honest I’m not sure my tweeting is enough although I have had examples of people actually listening.

Apart from web development there are three things that I really like doing. Taking photos, drawing silly pictures and writing texts. Right now I do neither of these three. Frustrating.

So to cure this frustration I decided to create a place for me on the internet where I can write, post photos and draw. I hope this will turn out to be a good idea. Please wish me luck.

Ps. I know what you are thinking. Why didn’t this ‘so-called’ web developer create a custom theme? I’ll tell you. I needed to get started fast. Before I lost motivation. I don’t throw together a custom theme in an evening. I just don’t. Mainly because I don’t think it will turn out good. So this is how I start.


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