When a tweet changes a meta-tag

Sometimes you get real happy.
This happened to me about a week ago. One of the big tv-channels in Sweden TV4 released their new redesigned and responsive site. I was on my phone and noticed that they had disabled zooming by using the popular attributes initial-scale=1 together with maximum-scale=1. Sigh. So why is this bad? Well, it disables zooming. I happen to really appreciate zooming on the phone. Maybe cause of my bad eyes.

So I sent off a little tweet. In english something like: Would you please remove maximum-scale? And I got answers! And people started agreeing with me! Some a bit more than others
@upperdog_se posted a link to the excellent blog-post by Roger Johansson. (I kind of agree with everything that’s in there). And then I got the reply that they, the tech-people at TV4, would look into it. Nice! Couple of days later I got a tweet from @peter_lind, one of the developers, saying that the meta-attribut was gone from the site and soon would be removed from the blogs. Wohoo!

So there I have it. It feels like doing this is paying off. Might be a tiny little thing but to me it’s kind of real nice.

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