Never want to be a troll

Well, I mean I like trolls. Especially pen trolls. Super omega-cute. I also like that norwegian movie Trolljegeren. But with that said my intention has never been to be a troll on the internet. Being all negative and grumpy. That is exactly not why I started this blog.

This weekend was midsummer. I was in my hometown spending some time with my parents. Learned my 58-year old mum how to ride a longboard among other important things. I also told my mum about this blog. About how I started it to try to point out the bad things in order to get some improvement (hopefully). My mums response to this was simply: “What about the good things? Why don’t you write about good examples?”. It got me thinking a bit. There are tons (in my opinion) blogs out there that talks about how to do good things, best practices etc. But I actually don’t no a single one that are giving out good examples. Writing things like “Look at this great site. Look how they got it right!”
So with that said I decided to include a new category of posts here. A category of posts about sites that are being nice to the internet in swedish words “är snälla mot internet”.

And oh, here is a video that I saw recently of a talk that Nicole Sullivan gave at Fluent. Watch it! It’s just 12 minutes. It’s not wasted time. Promise!

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